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Visit of business circles to lanzhou (china)

In the course of the visit negotiations were held between Mr. D.V. Sergeenko, Director of Belreahim JSC with the management of the Commerce Department of Gansu province and business circles thereof.

Within the framework of the visit there were discussed practical issues of delivering chemical products and laboratory crockery to the market of the Republic of Belarus directly by Chinese producers, searching for mutual trade partners.

Data on Gansu province (China).

Total area – 425.8 thou. A stretch from East to West – 1655 km, population – around 26 million people, inhabited by 55 nationalities.

Gansu province is located in the geometric center of China, bounded on the north by the Mongolian People’s Republic. It plays an important role of an interlink between East and West, extends from South to North, serves as a transport corridor for delivering power and goods from the country’s domestic regions to the countries of Central and Western Asia. The highway distance is over 3000 km.

The City’s subordinated provinces are 12 towns, 2 autonomous national areas. Lanzhou administrative center is a logistic center of lines of communication. Major transportation modes are road, rail and air transports.