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On July 24, 2015, State Сommercial-and-Production Association "Belresursy" welcomed guests and celebrated the Day of Trade Workers. The event included an award ceremony during which workers received Certificates of Honour and Gratitude Certificates and concert program with impressive amateur performance from the enterprises of the holding.

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From June 15 to 21 of current year an official delegation of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus visited Lanzhou (Gansu province, China). The Belarusian delegation was headed by Mr. E.B. Matulis, Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Belarus.

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Orgasil PA antifoaming agent securesfoam control. It is used for foam suppression in washing machines.

Package: 25kg bags.
Price:  BYR 44,000 per 1 kg + VAT.
Producer: Turkey.

Haematoxylin IMP – a histologic dye-stuff produced of campeachy wood ethereal extract and applied in the form of various solutions for dying nuclei which become brilliant blue under the influence of the preparation.

Package: 0.1 kg.
Price: BYR 42,450 per 1 kg + VAT.
Producer: USA.

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New developments in the Belarusian market! TRAVERS brand in chemical products (PRODUCER: EKOS-1 Closed Joint Stock Company, the Russian Federation).

TRAVERS preparations are covering a wide range of applications in industries and in the sphere of services. TRAVERS products are a complete line of dispersants, detergents, washing accentuators (enzymatic ones inclusive), finishes, amendments, as well as wet cleaning agents.

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