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In 1998 there was incorporated a unit for producing fertilizers and nutrient mixtures. There was developed a series of Effect nutrient fertilizers. Jointly with the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus there has been developed Epin plant growth stimulant – a natural-origin preparation, which has made a good showing and is in great demand among customers.

Our major profile is wholesale trading in conventional and special mineral fertilizers, lawn grass seeds, green manures, as well as in crop protecting agents produced by leading producers of Russia and Switzerland.

We are closely cooperating with outlets, individual entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, as well as with public utility companies, various enterprises of the Reрublic of Belarus and enterprises in countries near and far abroad.

The Unit employs high-skilled specialists – agriscientists, process engineers who are available to give free consultations and issue relevant certificates certifying an excellent quality of our products. Our Unit is a united team of like-minded persons who are always available to assist in solving any problems.

We are operating under advance orders communicated by fax or E-mail. Depending on an order value, where necessary, we’ll deliver our products to any region of the country.

We are sincerely delighted to assist you in searching relevant information and data and looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Please contact us by phone/fax number: +375 17 353-44-45.